Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday we got a lot of snow but not nearly as much as was originally forecast. Thank goodness. My biggest concern was my dear little ferals. When I arrived to feed the Logan Gang I expected to find the shelter buried in snow drifts but it wasn't so bad. I called for Tess and Jazz to come for food and after about five or so minutes Tess made an attempt to get from the sleeping shelters to the feeding station but she gave up because the snow was so deep and it was too difficult.

The sleeping shelters are located in an empty lot and the feeding station is just outside the fence. I tramped down a path from the feeding station to the hole in the fence the kitties use but I could see that the snow on the other side of the fence was about 12" - 15" deep. Getting inside the fenced lot used to be difficult but someone has cut a huge hole in the fence which I discovered a few months ago. Using this big hole in the fence and armed with my shovel I walked over to the small hole in the fence that the cats use and began clearing a path back to the sleeping shelters. I knew Tess and Jazz were inside the shelters and I didn't want to scare them so as I got closer to them I stopped shovelling and just walked back and forth a few times between the shovelled path and close to the shelter entrance.

Today when I arrived to feed the sun was shining brightly and both Tess and Jazz used the path to get to the feeding station. A much easier trip for them.