Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ollie my littlest feral

Beautiful Ollie

When I arrived to feed yesterday morning all the kitties came running out to meet me.  I put down the prepared bowls of food in each cat's fave eating spot.  Ollie sniffed at her food and turned away.  I put out a couple other bowls with different food and got the same reaction.  Then I saw her chin.  It was so swollen and when I looked into her eyes I could see she was in pain.

Ollie with swollen chin

Back in 2003/4 when I was trapping the kitties in the colony to take in for spaying and neutering Ollie proved to be the most difficult little cat to trap.  In fact she was the very last to go in for a spay and that was after numerous trapping attempts.  Since then I have always felt she would prove to be a challenge to trap again.

Yesterday I went out twice to try trapping her.  I was very concerned about dehydration so the sooner I got her medical attention the better.  Both the a.m. and later afternoon attempts failed.  So out I went this morning knowing Ollie would be good and hungry.

Swelling gone

I arrived to find her sitting on top of the feeding shelter, where she often snoozes.  The swelling was gone.  I strongly suspect she had an abscess because under her chin it is a bit of a wet bloody mess.  Ollie ate well and hidden in the food was a little pill (antibiotic).  I will keep her on the antibiotics for at least a week and thankfully my ferals are very easy to pill - much easier than my kitties at home.