Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ugly weather day

We got it all today, snow, freezing rain and rain.  I got soaked this afternoon feeding dinner but it's more important the kitties have full tummies.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lini is doing well inside

Lini is doing quite well living inside.  She craves attention.  She is eating well, using the litter box and enjoys being brushed but I can't get her to play!  I've tried a number of toys and she shows mild interest in some but she is not there yet.

Now to find just the right forever home..........

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snowy Day

Yesterday's snow made the walk to the East Side Gang's feeding area look beautiful and covered much of the litter that blows around.

I tried to get Ollie to move under cover to eat so she wouldn't get covered in snow but she won't eat if I push her food bowl to the back of the shelter.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Lini McSweety

In an earlier post I mentioned a cat named Winston who had been removed from a colony I help out at.  Winston turned out to be a really sweet kitty who loves people.

Lini is another kitty from this same colony.  She started rubbing against my legs and begging for affection when I came to feed.  Getting her to eat was a bit of a challenge.  She wanted attention, lots and lots of attention.  

Recently Robin and I tried to trap her.  Our first attempt was on a miserable pouring rain afternoon and we almost had her.  The next attempt, we again almost had her but she didn't go quite far enough into the trap.  Today I tried and was successful in less than a minute.  I just set the trap up in my van and when Lini jumped in to see what sort of eats I was preparing I kinda of gently pushed her and I had her in the trap.  Two hours later she was in her new foster home.  

We are hoping she will adapt well to indoor life so we can find her a home of her very own and no more cold wet nights outside.  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baby it's cold outside

It is days like this that I really, really get upset when it is so cold.  Not for myself but all my little homeless kitties.  Yes they have straw filled sleeping shelters and they use them but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty when I walk away from them after feeding knowing I'm goin back to a warm home.

This morning it was -18 C when I fed the East Side Gang about 9:30 - I have a thermometer there.  I stopped again about 12:30 to give them fresh water and more food if they were interested and they both came out to eat. Because the sun was beating down on the cat's area it was a little more tolerable.  In the more open exposed areas it will be much colder.

Spirit was snoozing in one of the sun shelters, came out to eat then climbed back inside the sun shelter.  He will be nice and toasty while the sun shines.

I wish Ollie would use the other sun shelter

By Monday we will be back to more seasonable temps and I can't wait.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

She likes me, she really likes me

It was just over 13 years ago when I met Ollie, one of two remaining cats in the East Side Gang, and in all that time I have not be able to pet her. Any time I did touch her she hopped away quickly, so I didn't push my luck.  She has the most beautiful little face and my dream is to someday be able to kiss the top of her sweet head.

Every morning when I arrive to feed breakfast Ollie comes out to meet me.  I stick my finger out and she will give it a quick sniff. Over the past couple of weeks she has taken it a step further by rubbing the side of her head on my finger and sometimes both sides.  I was thrilled.  Today she really got into it and rubbed the side of her head and top of her head on my finger.

The other wonderful event is she will now eat treats from my hand.  I love that she does this.  I am beginning to believe that petting her and scratching behind her ears might be a possibility.  See short video from earlier today......

In January 2015 when both Doodle and Jag crossed the Rainbow Bridge that was the end of my friendly ferals.  I used to be able to pet them, groom them and kiss the tops of their heads.  They had learned to trust a long time ago.

It feels quite amazing to me to have finally reached this point with Ollie after such a long time when I didn't think it would ever happen.  I am going to go at her pace, but sure hope I don't have to wait another 13 years to be able to pet her.