Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baby it's cold outside

It is days like this that I really, really get upset when it is so cold.  Not for myself but all my little homeless kitties.  Yes they have straw filled sleeping shelters and they use them but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty when I walk away from them after feeding knowing I'm goin back to a warm home.

This morning it was -18 C when I fed the East Side Gang about 9:30 - I have a thermometer there.  I stopped again about 12:30 to give them fresh water and more food if they were interested and they both came out to eat. Because the sun was beating down on the cat's area it was a little more tolerable.  In the more open exposed areas it will be much colder.

Spirit was snoozing in one of the sun shelters, came out to eat then climbed back inside the sun shelter.  He will be nice and toasty while the sun shines.

I wish Ollie would use the other sun shelter

By Monday we will be back to more seasonable temps and I can't wait.

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