Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tacoma Update

I am too upset to write very much, but Tacoma was put to sleep yesterday. His injuries were quite extensive and much to awful to put into the written word here.

I just keep thinking how stoic and how bright eyed he appeared even though he was in a great deal of pain.

Rest in peace sweetheart.  You are pain free now.

Hug hug hug

Tacoma the Kitty, Trapped in an Engine

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my husband who works at a Toyota dealership.  He was away from the dealership when he got a call from one of the staff who knows that Mike is a cat person.  A customer had brought in his Tacoma pick up truck for service and when it was put up on the hoist a beautiful black kitty was discovered, trapped, in the engine, but partially hanging out above the front tire.


I grabbed a few items and drove to the dealership.  When I arrived I couldn't believe how stuck this kitty was.  I was prepared with a carrier, assorted towels, heavy leather gloves plus a bowl of wet cat food but I was not in a position to do much.  This kitty was really in trouble.  The Toronto Humane Society was called along with Toronto Animal Services.  I even called my vet.

One of the mechanics realized that the cat's back leg was inside a small coil and his paw was swollen so there was no way it was coming out easily.  The only way this kitty was going to be released was that some dismantling was needed.  The Humane Society people came and shortly after a fellow from Animal Services.  With everyone staring and pointing and discussing options the cat seemed to be pretty calm.  The decision was made what parts needed to be unbolted and the mechanics began, some working above in the engine others underneath.  Within 15 to 20 minutes the cat was pulled out and into a heavy net.

I drove the two Humane Society staff and the kitty back to the Humane Society, which is only a three minute drive from the dealership.  There the kitty will get the medical attention he needs and I hope the small coil can be removed from his back leg without too much trauma.  On the way I suggested that the kitty should be named Tacoma.  

One fact I should mention is that the kitty came in from Belleville yesterday, a two and a half hour drive from Toronto.

A big thank you to the mechanics at Downtown Toyota who helped yesterday, the Humane Society staff and the fellow from Toronto Animal Services.

The Humane Society opens shortly and I will be phoning to get an update on this dear little kitty.  I will post the update when I have information.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Piccolo, a new face in the colony

In January a new face made an appearance in my colony.  A handsome, although somewhat dirty, orange and white kitty.  I'm guessing this kitty is a male.  I have named him Piccolo because he sings so often.  Many times he would sing before coming into view.

Today I feel like I made a wee breakthrough with this sweetie.  He is very weary and keeps his distance watching my every move with wide eyes focused on me.  Today he relaxed a bit.  He closed his eyes and he turned his head away.  He's still weary but I hope he can feel safe in my presence.

Piccolo is not neutered - yet, so he's a wanderer but in the past ten days or so he has been around a lot more.  I was very happy to see that Doodle and the other resident feral kitties seem to be accepting him too.

After eating some food he looked like he just needed a good long nap. I hope he crawled into the sleeping shelter when I left.  He has been in the sleeping shelter a few times over the past few months.

When Piccolo is not in my colony he is sometimes down the road at another colony where Robin from www.cherrystreetcats.blogspot.com feeds.  This kitty gets around but he is on the short list for a vet visit this spring.

Piccolo is a dear little kitty and I hope that he will feel safe in my presence in time, if he decides to stick around.