Friday, May 31, 2013

Mr. Wiggles is now Acer and Howie is Howie

What a little cutie Mr. Wiggles is.  His name was changed this week to Acer, a little more grown up sounding.  He is going to be put up for adoption within the next couple of days on the Toronto Cat Rescue website.  He is now about ten weeks old and showing signs of growing into a wonderful kitty full of fun and mischief. 

The one concern I've had with Acer is his use of the litter box.  When he came to me April 15th, he was about 4 weeks old and should have been using the litter box, but he wasn't.  We have resolved that issue and he is using the box 100% of time - thank goodness.  I got some advice from a cat behaviourist and did everything she suggested.  There is always a first for everything and this is the first (and I hope last) time run into this situation. 

Howie - 5 weeks old

Last week another wee kitten arrived.  Howie is a dear little fella about 5 weeks old now and because of his colouring he could be Annie Sparkles son, except Annie is spayed.  Howie was found on the roof of a shed where is fur mom put him to keep him safe, except it probably wasn't really all that safe.  When he was rescued he had an eye infection in both eyes making him look a really sad sight.  With a little TLC and an eye ointment from the vet, his eyes look fantastic.

Annie Sparkles and Howie

Annie seems intrigued with Howie