Friday, April 25, 2014


Since January I have seen Piccolo a number of times and lately he has been hanging around with the East Side Gang quite a bit.  It's nice that the other four kitties don't seem to mind him being there.

The past four days Piccolo has been at the colony and it is quite possible he has decided it is a pretty good spot to hang.  I hope so since I have become quite attached to him.  I'm also hoping he will eventually allow me to pet him, but I have to leave that up to him.

This morning when I arrived I got the clicker out that I use to call the kitties so they know food has arrived.  Doodle, Ollie and Spirit almost always hear me approaching but Jag is a heavy sleeper so I have to use the clicker to get her attention.

What I didn't see immediately was Piccolo was curled up in the straw sound asleep.  He didn't hear my approach, he didn't even hear the clicker the first time I used it and it is quite loud.  I had to use it a few times and to speak softly.  I was concerned he would wake with a start and take off, but he didn't. 

The picture below is Piccolo sound asleep while Jag walked right past him

He seemed quite relaxed this morning while I got the food out for the other kitties so I think he is becoming more comfortable with me being sort of close.

What Piccolo doesn't know is next week he is scheduled to go in to be neutered.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed he sticks around so that I can keep that appointment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More snow !!!! Ugh and a Little Raccoon

Yesterday was wonderful and warm and today we have snow on the ground.  It was a muddy walk to the back to get to the feeding stations fir the East Side Gang.

When I arrived to feed late this morning a little raccoon was there looking for food.  I know they are around and have seen evidence but it has been awhile since I've had a face to face.  This little creature was sort of afraid but very determined to eat.  Ollie Spirit, Doodle and Jag were all out to have their food and I kept the little raccoon at bay while they ate.

Eventually Piccolo made an appearance and I wanted to make sure he got some food but I knew if I left, the raccoon would move in.  

In the end I let the raccoon have a little food and then he moved on.  I left extra food out hoping that Piccolo would come out after I left. 

Tonight when I returned to feed dinner, I left Doodle sitting with some of the heated snuggle safe discs. I thought we were finished with those until next winter.  Oh well, in a day or two the temps will warm up and I hope stay.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Doodle loves the warm sun

There is no doubt that my little buddy, Doodle, is enjoying the warm weather we had on the weekend.