Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ollie and Spirit

Now that Ollie enjoys being groomed so much it has become a daily event.  Every day I get multiple combs full of her fur, makes me wonder why she isn't  bald by now.  I'm sure she feels better.  I know I do because I don't like seeing her full of mats.  Listen carefully to hear Ollie purr in the video link below.

Spirit has a lot of mats around her neck and one has been hanging on a few thins strands of fur for about 3 weeks.  Today while she was eating I was finally able to snip it off.  I have not ever been able to pet Spirit and any time I touch her she scampers away so grooming isn't an option, but maybe some day.......

The video link below is Spirit chasing Da Bird from yesterday.......the hanging mat is quite visible but now it's gone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ollie loves being groomed

I am still amazed at this little cat.  Thirteen years after I started caring for Ollie and the other kitties in this colony Ollie has decided I can pet her.....everyday. She still isn't keen on top of the head kisses so I only try occasionally but she loves having her head rubbed.  She has also discovered that being groomed feels really good too.

Today we had two grooming sessions, one before she had breakfast and another afterwards.  The second grooming I was able to removed some small mats and one golf ball sized mat.  The second grooming session lasted about ten plus minutes and she even rolled in her back.  Yes, I've made great strides in the past few months with this little cat.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Nipsters (videos)

I got chocolate but the kitties got some catnip this morning.  It is a beautiful day and no wind to blow away the nip so these three kitties had a good time.

Here's Jazz enjoying his Easter treat

This is Spirit rolling in the nip

And little Ollie who really got into the joy of her nip fix

Of the three kitties, ollie was the one who enjoyed it the most.  I stayed with her for over 20 minutes as she rolled and wiggled in the nip.