Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Annie Sparkles Gotcha Day

One year ago today the phone rang and Robin was on her way over with another little kitten.  That wee kitten was Annie Sparkles, scared and dirty.
Annie upon arrival
Annie a scared and dirty little kitten

Today Annie is one of the sweetest little cats ever.
Annie today in the backyard

catching a few zzzz's after her
time inthe garden today

We're so happy that Annie Sparkles is a part of our family.  Happy Gotcha Day little kitteh.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kittens, Kittens and a Cat

What a busy couple of weeks it has been.  The easiest way to tell you what has been going on is by date.  Here goes.

Sunday August 12
I received a phone call from Robin.  She had found a litter of four kittens about 3.5/4 weeks old.  Unfortunately she was only able to grab one, a little orange and white baby and no luck with the other three.

This wee baby arrived and oh my what a little cutie she turned out to be.  It took less than 24 hours for Charlie to go from being scared to wanting as much attention as we could give her. Annie was terrific and stepped in to help as well.

Annie Sparkles with little Charlie

Monday August 13
That evening Robin called to say she had the other three kittens and would be arriving shortly.  Charlie was thrilled to see the arrival of her two sisters and little brother.  She tried to play and wrestle with them but they were a little frightened.
Charlie`s sibllings

Tuesday August 14
Another foster home had been found that would take these four babies.  Even though they had been with me for such a short time, I got a little teary eyed as I walked away from them in their new foster home.  I`ve since heard the kittens are doing really well.

Wednesday August 15
I dismantled the kitten cage and took it down to the garage to clean and disinfect.  I did a kitten laundry of towels and bedding, and returned my guest room to its proper state made for a human guest.

Thursday August 16
I got two calls early evening.  One from my friend, June, who informed me someone had left a beautiful white cat in a carrier on her front doorstep!  The cat was friendly and sweet but who the heck just left her there and why.  No note - nothing. 

A short while later Robin called.  She had caught three kittens about 7 or 8 weeks old at a gas station, there was one more kitten plus the mom still the catch.  The three kittens arrived about an hour later, which gave me just enough time to get the kitten cage set up again in the guest room. 
Three more kittens

Friday August 17
June made arrangements for the dear white cat she named Bianca, to be spayed.  I was starting two weekend cat sitting jobs looking after Summer and Greta who are fed twice a day and another dear kitty named Willie who only gets fed once a day.
Saturday August 18
My day started with feeding Greta and Summer, feeding my two feral colonies and picking up a large dog kennel so my foster kittens would have more space.  The kitten cage I have is fine for one or two 8 week old kittens but a little too snug for 4 kittens.

Just prior to leaving to pick up Bianca from the vet's office I got an email from June, the plan had changed slightly.  Instead of picking Bianca up and taking her to her foster home I would bring her back to my house for the night and deliver her the following day.  Thank goodness I had that extra cage.

Saturday evening I had to go feed Greta and Summer, two delightful little cats.  Greta is a former feral kitty that came inside about 18+ months ago and she is such a sweet, sweet cat.  Then off to feed Willie Wonderful (I added the wonderful to his name because he is a doll)
Sunday August 19
Headed off early to give Greta and Summer their brekky, feed my ferals and meet a friend for our weekly walk.  That afternoon I delivered Bianca to her new foster home.  We have no idea about her past but the vet did say she is about a year old.  She is very sweet and friendly and loves being with people.  Bianca settled very quickly and if all goes well, she will become a permanent member of the family.  The resident cat, Slick, is a very sweet easy going black kitty weighing in at 20 lbs.

Bianca relaxing at her new foster home

Sunday evening Robin called to let me know she had caught the fourth kitten from the gas station litter as well as the mom.  What a beautiful kitten but very fiesty.  When we put him in with the other 3 kittens, this poor little guy was desparately trying to find a way out of the kennel so I put a big sheet over the cage and that helped to calm him down immediately.

The mom kitty to these kittens was going to another home for a few days and then would be taken in to be spayed. 

Monday, August 20
My dear floofy girl, Teika, was celebrating her 12th birthday.  She got balloons and a bag of dry cat food that she absolutely loves.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of Teika with the other kitties all enjoying a birthday meal.
happy 12th birthday Teika

Tuesday, August 21
I cycled down to feed my feral kitties and when I got to the Logan Gang I met a fellow who is a cat lover but also has a radio show.  He asked if I might be interested in being interviewed on his show sometime about my feral cats.  Hope he realizes I can go on and on and on about my ferals.  hee hee  We'll see if this works out.

On the way home from my ride I stopped at Starbucks for a latte when I got an email from Robin letting me know about the mom cat to the kittens - see
post for Tuesday August 21 to read what happened.

Wednesday August 22
Just a normal day.  Scooping litter boxes and feeding 8 kitties at home, my three, Boomie, Annie Sparkles and Teika plus our 5 month old foster Cinder and the four little fosters kittens, Barney, Bailey, Belle and Baby.

Thursday August 23
First thing in the morning I got a call from Helen who has Bianca.  She was concerned that Bianca was not eating much at all.  I noticed that same thing when she stayed with me overnight but thought it might just be the fact she was recovering from spay surgery.

I already had an appointment at my vet to take the four foster kittens in to have a worming treatment and a flea treatment at 5:00 that afternoon. Thankfully the vet who had done the spay on Bianca is open until 10 pm seven days a week.  I got an appointment for 8:30 pm.  I met Helen at the vet and there didn't seem to be a reason that Bianca was not eating much but the vet gave her an appetite stimulant.  Fingers crossed she is just fine and not a big eater.

Friday August 24
Helen called early to say the pill helped Bianca and she had eaten overnight.

Saturday, August 25
Little Cinder went to an adoptathon in hopes that a loving forever home could be found for her.  She has been with us for five weeks and has grown into a very sweet little cat.  The pet supply shop that was holding the event is a short 10 minute drive.  Poor little Cinder was so nervous on the drive and when we got to the shop she was shaking really badly.  I hoped that once she got into the cage she would be okay.  After a couple hours Robin called to let me know Cinder was not doing well so I flew back to pick her up and bring her home.
Cinder waiting to leave for adoptathon

Sunday August 26
The four foster kittens got turned loose in the kitchen for the day.   It was their first time and they had a faboo time and provided lots of entertainment.



The four kittens have been put back in their kennel for the night, Cinder and Annie Sparkles are in the living room sleeping by the French doors, Teika is snoozing on the landing by the front door and Boomie is curled up sleeping beside me.  Think it's time for me to climb into bed too.

Good night.   Hug hug hug

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Saturday Spirit didn't show up for food when I arrived.  A little unusual but it has happened in the past. Sunday he wasn't there.  This is more unusual.  Monday morning still no Spirit.  I was now getting concerned.  I went back on Monday afternoon and he came out from the tall grass and weeds that surround the East Side Gang's eating area.

Even though Spirit had shown up he didn't eat and I was serving his fave food, Friskies Turkey and Cheese in Gravy.  What he did next concerned me.  He was straining in an attempt to poop.  After about a minute or so he stopped trying and walked away disappearing into the grass and weeds.

Tuesday Spirit came out about 5 minutes after I arrived but again he was not interested in any food.  I offered him treats and he ate a couple and left some.  This is highly unusual behaviour for this kitty - he loves his Temptation treats.  I fed the other four kitties while keeping an eye on Spirit.  He started digging in the dirt and made an effort to poop but I could see he was really straining.  Nothing happened and he walked away.

Spirit wandered down the path and I followed with a bowl of food in hand.  He squatted again and strained to no avail.  This poor cat was having real problems.

I did a little research and found that cats can suffer from constipation but another problem could be an injury or they might have eaten something that causes a blockage.   

On Wednesday morning I returned with a humane trap that I borrowed but no Spirit.  I had made arrangements with a local vet to look at him, if I was able to trap him.  Later in the afternoon I returned again looking for Spirit hoping to trap him.  No Spirit.

The trap
All I could think of was this dear cat that I had been feeding for nearly 10 years was in trouble and probably in pain. The thought that he was hiding in the weeds and grass somewhere and I couldn't help him brought me to tears.  I walked around looking in the weeds, calling him and using the clicker that all the cats are familiar with. 

This morning with a very heavy heart I went to feed the kitties and was not feeling hopeful.  I put the bag with food and water over my shoulder, grabbed the clicker and the humane trap and started walking to the back where I feed.  I used the clicker to let the kitties know I had arrived and the first little cat face I saw was Spirit.  He greeted me with his chatty banter and trotted ahead of me along the path.  He looked like his old self.

Doodle, FJ, Ollie and Jag were there too.  Everyone ate including Spirit however he didn't eat as much as he usually does but that's ok.  I don't know for sure what his problem was this week but feel that he must have eaten something that caused a blockage.  I just hope it did not do any serious damage internally.

I will keep any eye on this kitty and hope he is on the mend.