Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Annie Sparkles Gotcha Day

One year ago today the phone rang and Robin was on her way over with another little kitten.  That wee kitten was Annie Sparkles, scared and dirty.
Annie upon arrival
Annie a scared and dirty little kitten

Today Annie is one of the sweetest little cats ever.
Annie today in the backyard

catching a few zzzz's after her
time inthe garden today

We're so happy that Annie Sparkles is a part of our family.  Happy Gotcha Day little kitteh.


  1. Oh Anne - what a beauty you are. It was your lucky day to be rescued by your family.

  2. oh goodest bestest youngest so happy for you Annie Sparkles you are the sweetest lil kitteh so floofy! I so happy you has forever fambly - Happy one year gotcha day

    hug hug hug