Saturday, August 13, 2011


Recently a friend of mine, Kim,  asked if I would feed her kitties while she and her family were on vacation.  This is the story of Greta, a former street urchin turned indoor kitty. 

I met Greta 4 years ago when I received a phone call from another friend about a feral kitty and her kitten.  Could I come and catch the kitten so she could be socialized and a home found.  Off I went and within a short time I had the little black and white kitten that we judged to be about 7 or 8 weeks old.  Much to my delight I found a home for that little kitten very quickly.
Greta,the mom kitty, continued to live outside under someones front porch through three more winters.  During that time she was trapped and taken to a vet for spaying and then returned to her outdoor life.

Last November Kim phoned me to ask if she could borrow my "kitten cage".  She was going to try bringing Greta inside to live.  For a few weeks Greta lived in the kitten cage in the master bedroom and it wasn't long before she was allowed out and had the entire bedroom as her space.

I got to meet Greta again in late June when I went to Kim's to learn the routine.  Greta was still living in the master bedroom because Puck, the resident handsome boy kitteh was not too thrilled with Greta living in his house and was a bit aggressive towards her.  Kim wasn't sure how she would respond to a stranger, but she was fine.  She allowed me to pet her and we even played with one of her toys.

During the three weeks of feeding and caring for the kitties, I grew very attached to Greta.  She is so loving and friendly and sweet.  I think she must have been someone's pet at one time because she loves attention.  I find it hard to believe this dear little cat lived outside for goodness knows how long and then in a short time with lots of TLC from Kim became a sweet laid back little cat.

A few days ago it became evident that Puck was very sick with no chance of recovery and he gently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very sad because the week before while I was caring for him he was an energetic 9 year old kitty that loved chasing the lazer beam.  On the bright side, Greta is now allowed free run of the entire house and I dare say is loving the indoor life even more now.  I love you sweet Greta and I am so happy you have a home to call your own.  You're a little gem.  Hug hug hug