Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mr Wiggles is doing just great

peek-a-boo Mr Wiggles

Mr Wiggles is doing just great.  He had such a good time at the vet on Tuesday meeting all the staff who think he is just the cutest kitten ever!  No surprise there.  He is the cutest.

Steve (vet) gave me some eye drops for Mr Wiggles weepy right eye and it is clearing up very nicely, however he is to stay on the drops for 10 days.  He also has a URI, but we are happy to report it is not serious and he is showing signs of improving.  He has a very good appetite and he is bright and alert, all good signs that he is heading toward a full life as a healthy sweet boy kitty.

This past Friday he was scheduled to make an appearance on Canada AM.  He was going to play with some cat toys from a local pet supply shop called Tails.  Diane who is the owner of Tails called me Wednesday to see if I had any kittens that could be part of her segment.  I was only tagging along as Mr Wiggles assistant and would not be appearing in front of the cameras.

Friday morning I left home at 7  (I am not a morning person) with Diane and Mr Wiggles for the TV station.   Due to the events in the Boston area that day, we never made it on air but Mr Wiggles sure met a lot of the behind the scenes staff and had another fun outing.  It is possible the segment will be rescheduled so we will wait and see.

In the meantime, this dear little fella is getting stronger and healthier and bigger and more adorable with each passing day. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing.......Mr Wiggles

This afternoon I got a call from Robin.  There was a woman with a kitten in need of assistance.  Within the hour I had the kitten in a carrier on the front seat of my trusty van heading home.  The kitten was a little dirty, plus he has some sort of eye issue.  His four littermates did not survive and there was some concern that his mother's milk may have dried up.  The mother of this kitten is living in a house with a few other females and a male (recently neutered).  The woman who was trying to care for this kitten has her hands full with 5 human kids to care for so the kitten wasn't getting the attention he needed, but she was trying her best under the circumstances.  She was quite relieved when I arrived to take the kitten.

Once I got home, I decided a bath would be in order so I got everything organized.  Filled a basin with about 2" of warm water, baby shampoo, my hair dryer and tossed a bunch of small towels in the dryer to get warm.  Working very quickly, the entire process of washing, rinsing and drying the kitten with the towels warmed in the dryer takes about 5 minutes and ends with the kitten being wrapped in the last warm dry towel.

While bathing the kitten and because he was a little wiggly, I decided to name him Mr. Wiggles.  Actually, I started by calling him Miss Wiggles, which prompted me to take a look under the hood and then quickly changing the salutation.

Next step was a little food. I was told he was eating a little solid food and since Mr. Wiggles is about 4 weeks old  I thought I would try solid food mixed with water and warmed up.  Great news, he ate it all. 
Mr. Wiggles and his wee teddy bear

Tomorrow Mr Wiggles will go to the vet.  I want his eye to be looked at and he is sneezing tonight, which is not a good sign.  I am encouraged that he has eaten three times in the 7 hours he has been here and eaten well.

Once he is healthy I will to turn him loose to play with Boomer, Annie Sparkles and Cinder.  And when he is old enough he will move on to a forever home of his own.