Monday, July 20, 2015

No news is good news....

Not a lot has been happening in my colony and that's great.  I go everyday to feed, sometimes twice a day.

Now that winter is behind us I usually sit with Spirit and Ollie while they eat.  I spray myself with mosquito repellant first otherwise I would be eaten alive.  We had such a wet spring the mosquitos are out in full force.  I see them rubbing their front legs together in anticipation as I approach the cat's feeding area.  I can almost hear them say, yay dinner has arrived!!

Ollie and Spirit are both long haired cat so they have had some serious mats which I can't removed because these kitties won't let me touch them.  Ollie gets really fluffy in the winter so when the spring arrives she becomes a walking mat.  Just this past week she was able to remove a huge mat from her backside.  She is such a tiny cat in the summer.

Ollie managed to pull off this last huge mat
that was as the base of her tail/right hip

Ollie relaxing finally mat free

Although Spirit sheds and gets mats he seems to keep most of his long fur all year long except around his neck.  He walks around with what appears to be a big furry body and a scrawny neck with a head attached until the fur fills in a bit after the mats have been pulled off.

I wish I could groom both of these kitties but I can't even touch them.