Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jack Update

How anyone could drive up to my feeding station and toss a cat out is beyond me.  There were tire tracks where someone drove up on the boulevard beside my shelter and while I have no proof I feel this was the vehicle that pulled up close to the shelter so no one would see a cat being dumped.  That was Tuesday morning sometime, probably quite early.

Twenty four hours later Jack had his neuter surgery and vaccinations. Then in the afternoon was picked up by Joanne who took him home so it could be determined if Jack truly was a social sweet cat. He is.  

Today I went to visit Jack.  I wanted to see him and I was thrilled to see this cat is very sweet and loves attention.  I got to kiss the top of his silky black head and pet him and hug him.  He is definitely a sweet, affectionate cat and deserves a loving home.

I'm so glad I found Jack when I did because he was so frightened and now he is relaxed and happy. Tomorrow he will go to his foster home where he will have space to run and play and show his foster mom what a silly boy he can be while we look for a more permanent home for this very special boy

Hug hug hug, Jack

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jackie, the little kitty someone threw away

I arrived to feed my Logan Gang kitties, Jazz and Que, today and discovered this beautiful kitty huddled against the tree.  At first I thought it was Jazz and because this was very strange behaviour for Jazz I thought he had been badly injured, possibly hit by a car.

I made a quick trip home to gather carriers, towels, leather gloves and anything else I could think of that I might need.  It wasn't until I returned and had a closer look that I realized this kitty was a new kitty.  I set up two carriers close to the kitty and placed a bowl of food inches away from him.  It took less than 10 minutes for the kitty to relax enough to stand up and move towards the food.  What surprised me was that the kitty sniffed at the food then calmly walked into the carrier allowing me to close and secure the door.

It appears that this kitty was dumped here, probably early this morning.  And the look in his eyes I mistook for pain was fright.   This dear kitty was really frightened at the strange surroundings and didn't know where to go to be safe.  

I placed the kitty in the front seat of my vehicle facing me.  On the drive to the vet's office the kitty got a name, Jackie, short for jack'o'lantern in honour of Halloween.  I don't know yet if this is a male or female kitty, but either way Jack or Jackie will be the name until a new home can be found.  By the time I arrived at the vet Jackie was quite relaxed and I was able to scratch his head through the carrier door.

The plan at the moment is that Jackie will be spayed or neutered, if not already done and then go to a foster home.  It breaks my heart that someone could dump this kitty, particularly at this time of year and in an industrial area.  

Guess this person assumed Jackie would be fed regularly because they saw the feeding shelter.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jag - Update

In late June Jag had all her teeth removed, spent a week recovering in my garage and was then returned to the East Side Gang colony.  She was doing really well for about 5 weeks and then I noticed her routine of greeting me every morning had changed, she was eating less and shying away.

In the few months prior to her dental surgery she had slowly lost weight.  Jag had always been on the plump side, for a feral.  My goal since her surgery has to get some meat on her bones to help her survive winter more comfortably.  All was going well until early August when, looking back, I realized there had been some subtle changes.  She no longer greeted me when I arrived to feed, she was eating less and she was shying away from me.  I kept a close eye on her for a few days and decided she might have an infection from the surgery.  I put her on antibiotics for almost 3 weeks.  Slowly she has improved.  And she has been coming out to greet me, almost to the parking lot some days.  She hasn't done that since summer 2012.

Yesterday I went to the vet's office to buy a special food with extra calories for Jag.  She ate the entire can with gusto this morning. After her tummy was full she went into the sleeping shelter for a nap.  On my way home I stopped at the vet to pick up a few more cans.  

I think she will be okay.

Friday, October 4, 2013

I failed.......again

After Wednesday's sad post I would like to do a happy post, even though it is about one of my recent failures.

Last May my cat friend, Robin, rescued a very sad looking kitten about 4 weeks old. His eyes were infected and he was a sorry looking sight.
But even this sad looking baby had a severe cuteness about him.  He stayed with Robin and her husband Steve for a few days before coming to stay with me - for the weekend while Robin and Steve were away.  I ended up fostering Howie but there was some mention of him going back to Robin's once he was old enough to be turned loose with her cat family.

Fast forward to last week.  Howie is still with us all these months later.  Robin told me there was another adoptathon coming up Oct 5th and did I want to put him in it.  Robin needed an answer because she needed to reserve a space for him.  That evening at dinner I casually mentioned to my husband that I wasn't sure I could ever give Howie up.  His response "fine, I was expecting this to happen". Both Mike and I agreed that this little cat has to be the last one.  We said this last year after adopting Cinder.  We are now a 5 kitty family!
Multiple attempts were made to find a home for Howie and some expressed interest but no luck.

Howie, the picture of innocence

Robin is the reason we have Annie Sparkles, Cinder and now Howie.  Robin if you are reading this, I am changing my phone number today, putting a big lock on my front door and pulling all the shades............just kidding.

Howie with Cinder and Annie Sparkles

I love having all these little kitties but this truly must be our limit.  I haven't any more room for additional litter boxes!

Yes, I am a failure........ at fostering kittens.  ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Tessie Cat

Tessie Cat with her tongue sticking out
I'm so sorry little cat. You were a beautiful little tortie that lived outside for such a long time but you have been so loved for the almost 11 years since I met you. I'm sure the person driving the vehicle that hit you yesterday did not intend for that to happen.

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you one more time or to kiss the top of your head.  I was out of town but was on my way home when this happened.

I am very grateful to the man who found you lying on the road close to the feeding shelter.  He was with you when you slipped away.  He and his girlfriend and another woman dug a grave for you and gently placed you in your forever resting spot.

Tess with her BFF, Jazz
I am grateful that this man posted on a group Facebook page how he found you.  I am grateful to Robin that she happened to see this post and told me about it last night.  For without this information I would never have known and would have wondered why you weren't running to greet me in the mornings for your breakfast.  You always came running when I called for you.

I am grateful three total strangers cared about you enough but no one cared about you as much as I have. You were one of the first feral kitties I met on that grey overcast morning in November 2002.  I knew very little about ferals then, but I did know that I had to care for you and the others.  

Tess, Jazz and Que
Your best buddy, Jazz, misses you. The Facebook post mentioned that he sat on the other side of the fence watching your burial.  He was probably trying to understand what was happening.  I also suspect that he was very nearby when you were struck.  I promise, Tess, I will continue to look after The Jazz Man and Que, when he shows up.  I promise to try making the winter sleeping shelter a little warmer and cozier for Jazz now that he won't have you to curl up with.

Carnations on Tess's grave
I am also very touched that when I arrived at your feeding station this morning I found your grave and on top was a bouquet of beautiful fresh carnations.  

I miss you sweetie.  My heart is breaking.