Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jag - Update

In late June Jag had all her teeth removed, spent a week recovering in my garage and was then returned to the East Side Gang colony.  She was doing really well for about 5 weeks and then I noticed her routine of greeting me every morning had changed, she was eating less and shying away.

In the few months prior to her dental surgery she had slowly lost weight.  Jag had always been on the plump side, for a feral.  My goal since her surgery has to get some meat on her bones to help her survive winter more comfortably.  All was going well until early August when, looking back, I realized there had been some subtle changes.  She no longer greeted me when I arrived to feed, she was eating less and she was shying away from me.  I kept a close eye on her for a few days and decided she might have an infection from the surgery.  I put her on antibiotics for almost 3 weeks.  Slowly she has improved.  And she has been coming out to greet me, almost to the parking lot some days.  She hasn't done that since summer 2012.

Yesterday I went to the vet's office to buy a special food with extra calories for Jag.  She ate the entire can with gusto this morning. After her tummy was full she went into the sleeping shelter for a nap.  On my way home I stopped at the vet to pick up a few more cans.  

I think she will be okay.

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