Friday, October 4, 2013

I failed.......again

After Wednesday's sad post I would like to do a happy post, even though it is about one of my recent failures.

Last May my cat friend, Robin, rescued a very sad looking kitten about 4 weeks old. His eyes were infected and he was a sorry looking sight.
But even this sad looking baby had a severe cuteness about him.  He stayed with Robin and her husband Steve for a few days before coming to stay with me - for the weekend while Robin and Steve were away.  I ended up fostering Howie but there was some mention of him going back to Robin's once he was old enough to be turned loose with her cat family.

Fast forward to last week.  Howie is still with us all these months later.  Robin told me there was another adoptathon coming up Oct 5th and did I want to put him in it.  Robin needed an answer because she needed to reserve a space for him.  That evening at dinner I casually mentioned to my husband that I wasn't sure I could ever give Howie up.  His response "fine, I was expecting this to happen". Both Mike and I agreed that this little cat has to be the last one.  We said this last year after adopting Cinder.  We are now a 5 kitty family!
Multiple attempts were made to find a home for Howie and some expressed interest but no luck.

Howie, the picture of innocence

Robin is the reason we have Annie Sparkles, Cinder and now Howie.  Robin if you are reading this, I am changing my phone number today, putting a big lock on my front door and pulling all the shades............just kidding.

Howie with Cinder and Annie Sparkles

I love having all these little kitties but this truly must be our limit.  I haven't any more room for additional litter boxes!

Yes, I am a failure........ at fostering kittens.  ;)


  1. You are a success at loving cats!

  2. This is why mom doesn't foster. She'd wind up keeping them all! Howie is lucky to have you for family. You have such a big heart! And look at the wonderful fursibs he has.

  3. Awww what a precious baby. After caring for him for a period, I can understand how hard it would be to give him up. You are anything BUT a failure - you are a winner in my eyes for all the help you give ferals and for all the kitties you have helped raise. M says she'd have a problem giving him up too. What a cutie.