Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jack Update

How anyone could drive up to my feeding station and toss a cat out is beyond me.  There were tire tracks where someone drove up on the boulevard beside my shelter and while I have no proof I feel this was the vehicle that pulled up close to the shelter so no one would see a cat being dumped.  That was Tuesday morning sometime, probably quite early.

Twenty four hours later Jack had his neuter surgery and vaccinations. Then in the afternoon was picked up by Joanne who took him home so it could be determined if Jack truly was a social sweet cat. He is.  

Today I went to visit Jack.  I wanted to see him and I was thrilled to see this cat is very sweet and loves attention.  I got to kiss the top of his silky black head and pet him and hug him.  He is definitely a sweet, affectionate cat and deserves a loving home.

I'm so glad I found Jack when I did because he was so frightened and now he is relaxed and happy. Tomorrow he will go to his foster home where he will have space to run and play and show his foster mom what a silly boy he can be while we look for a more permanent home for this very special boy

Hug hug hug, Jack


  1. Oh Connie, bless you for finding him when you did. How can anyone toss away a kitty. I never never will understand it, and I'd love to get my hands on the person that did it. No torture is bad enough for them. We just know he'll find a good, loving, forever home.

  2. You know what I find truly hideous - they left him right before Halloween. A black cat. Thank heavens you found him and not some crazy people.

    You poor sweet boy, I hope you find a wonderful forever home.