Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Tessie Cat

Tessie Cat with her tongue sticking out
I'm so sorry little cat. You were a beautiful little tortie that lived outside for such a long time but you have been so loved for the almost 11 years since I met you. I'm sure the person driving the vehicle that hit you yesterday did not intend for that to happen.

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you one more time or to kiss the top of your head.  I was out of town but was on my way home when this happened.

I am very grateful to the man who found you lying on the road close to the feeding shelter.  He was with you when you slipped away.  He and his girlfriend and another woman dug a grave for you and gently placed you in your forever resting spot.

Tess with her BFF, Jazz
I am grateful that this man posted on a group Facebook page how he found you.  I am grateful to Robin that she happened to see this post and told me about it last night.  For without this information I would never have known and would have wondered why you weren't running to greet me in the mornings for your breakfast.  You always came running when I called for you.

I am grateful three total strangers cared about you enough but no one cared about you as much as I have. You were one of the first feral kitties I met on that grey overcast morning in November 2002.  I knew very little about ferals then, but I did know that I had to care for you and the others.  

Tess, Jazz and Que
Your best buddy, Jazz, misses you. The Facebook post mentioned that he sat on the other side of the fence watching your burial.  He was probably trying to understand what was happening.  I also suspect that he was very nearby when you were struck.  I promise, Tess, I will continue to look after The Jazz Man and Que, when he shows up.  I promise to try making the winter sleeping shelter a little warmer and cozier for Jazz now that he won't have you to curl up with.

Carnations on Tess's grave
I am also very touched that when I arrived at your feeding station this morning I found your grave and on top was a bouquet of beautiful fresh carnations.  

I miss you sweetie.  My heart is breaking.


  1. Oh dear friend. i'm so sorry this happened to one of your special kitties. You are so kind and caring, but I can see Tess was special. What a beauitful girl. How wonderful of that man and woman to see she was buried properly. He is a special human to have done that. Hugs!

  2. Dear Goodest Bestest Friends what special humans to stay with her and give her love and burial and flowers. I promise Ci and I and all of us OTRB will watch over sweet Tessie. You have taken such wonderful care of them for so long. Lots of love to Tessie to her pals and to all of you.

    Love goodest bestest floofiestness
    Hug hug hug

  3. Mum has tears in her eyes reading dis post. I so sorry but grateful fur da peeple dat tended to tessie after she passed. big hugs to you.

  4. *Leaky eyes* I'm so sad about Tessie going OTRB but feel such gratitude to the hoomins who treated her with love and respect. You are loved Tessie-always and forever. God Speed sweet girl - may you play in fields of nip, happy & healthy. And don't forget to shine your love down on Connie & Boomie everynight - #TessiesStar will be the brightest one in the heavens! #ComfortingPurrs and ((HUGS))