Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Logan Gang

Tess walking to shelter for food.  Que in
 shelter on right eating

You can't see him, but Que is under this sofa
Under the straw are 3 insulated sleeping shelters
The Logan Gang has been laying low since the cold weather arrived.  Last weekend because is was balmy, by January standards, I got to see all three of the kitties who live here. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where are you FJ??

Last picture of FJ taken January 3, 2013

I have no idea what has happened to my beautiful FJ (Frances Jane).  Life as a feral cat is not an easy one but for ten years I have done my best to provide the best possible care for my outside kitties.  They aren't all feral by definition.  FJ was born in late winter 2003 and when I first met her in early April of that year she was the most adorable bouncy little kitten.  She was the first cat in the colony to allow me to pet her, but it took a year.  I can groom her and she needs to be groomed regularly because of her long fine hair and I love kissing the top of her head.  I've even held her in my arms, although not for more than about 30 seconds.

Three weeks ago today FJ came out when I arrived to feed but didn't eat.  This is a bit unusual but when it's cold the cats behave a little differently.  Since then I haven't seen this dear little cat.  Jag, another of my homeless kitties at this location, was last seen January 3rd but exactly two weeks later she showed up giving me hope that FJ would too.

Where I feed is behind a lumberyard so today I went to the lumberyard to speak with a couple of the guys who work out in the yard all the time.  They were unable to shed any light on FJ's disappearance.  I asked if they were aware of anyone feeding and they said no.  I left my contact information in case they see her. 

FJ with a little cat food stuck to her nose

FJ checking out new feeding shelters
My fingers are crossed that FJ is ok and that I will see her again very soon.  I will give her a big hug and kiss her head.

Katie, Our First Foster of 2013

Katie in the window bed

Saturday morning this dear little cat arrived.  Our first foster of the year.  
Katie was found in a backyard by a kind couple who took her in.  For a week their attempts to locate her home in their neighbourhood turned up nothing, but she obviously was not a feral.  Katie is very friendly and sweet with a ready purr when cuddled.  
Normally when new fosters arrive they stay in our guest room but not this little girl. I was amazed at how fast my cats accepted her arrival in the house which meant she was able to come out and be a part of the household - in less than two hours! 
hamming it up for the camera

watching football with Mike

Boomer and Katie
My heart broke yesterday as Katie left in the carrier because in four short days she really got deep into my heart. She was going to the vet to be spayed and then off to another foster home. My fingers are crossed that she finds a loving home very quickly.  Love you much sweet Katie.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet Gracie

Last week I met up with Jesse, Gracie's new dad in a parking lot of a restaurant in northwest Toronto.  Gracie lives in Oshawa and the vet who did the necessary surgery to repair her broken leg is further west and north of Toronto.  Thankfully Gracie is a very relaxed traveller because her trip from home to vet is 123 km one way. 

Xrays showed that her leg has healed very well so that combined with the fact that she has a forever home to call her own makes all the driving back and forth worth it.

When I returned Gracie to her dad the first thing he said was "hi beautiful" as he leaned over to look into the carrier.

I drove off fighting back tears.  I was happy that Gracie's leg had healed and that she has a home with a very caring young man but I was sad that I won't likely see her again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fostering Saves Lives

Just saw this on Facebook.  It is so true

Fostering SAVES lives!

Kittens in Review

MJ and Opie
These two little cuties arrived in early April.  MJ and Opie were not littermates but came from the same feral colony.  Both moved on to loving forever homes when they were old enough.

Bear and Pixie
Five days after Opie and MJ moved out little Bear and Pixie moved in.  Two wee kittens about 4 weeks old.
Bear and Pixie 9 weeks old
These two went to a new home July2nd and by July 5th they were back with Mike and I.  (see Good News, Bad News, Great News posted July 6th).   Within 24 hours a new and wonderful forever home had been found were they continue to grow and thrive.

Juice and Rosie

Juice, Rosie and JJ arrived from the same colony as MJ and Opie but were only with us for a couple of days.  They went to another foster home and then on to forever homes.  JJ was about 6 weeks old and the cutest bounciest little kitten and I'm so happy he was only with us for a few days because I instantly fell in love with this adorable creature.  Juice and Rosie were about 10 weeks old and a rather shy. 

Baby, Bailey Barney and Belle
This litter arrived and stayed with us for a few weeks, then moved to another foster home.  Belle socialized very quickly while the other three were much slower to accept TLC.

July we took in a young cat named Cinder to foster.  A beautiful silky black girl who ended up shedding her foster title to become a permanent resident in our home.  We love her to pieces and she is a wonderful addition.

August saw two more litters of kittens arrive, one litter of four young kittens about 4 weeks old and a second litter of three slightly older kittens.  Unfortunately I have lost two months worth of photos on my computer however, if you go to my post of August 26 Kittens, Kittens and a Cat you will see pictures there.  Both of these litters stayed only a short time before moving to another foster home.

In September had a bit of a kitten break for a few weeks.  Then in mid October Trouble and Gingerbum arrived.  Two very young kittens about 2 weeks old.  As I look back on my photos of these two sweet babies, I get very teary remembering how Gingerbum became ill and had to be helped over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 22 days.  However, on a more positive note, Trouble found a home when he was about 4 weeks old but he stayed with us until he was 9 weeks old.  He has been renamed Skittles.

Trouble & Gingerbum

All these kittens kept us busy and provided more laughs than tears.  It has been very rewarding to help these dear little creatures.  I love each and every one of them and I always will.