Thursday, January 24, 2013

Katie, Our First Foster of 2013

Katie in the window bed

Saturday morning this dear little cat arrived.  Our first foster of the year.  
Katie was found in a backyard by a kind couple who took her in.  For a week their attempts to locate her home in their neighbourhood turned up nothing, but she obviously was not a feral.  Katie is very friendly and sweet with a ready purr when cuddled.  
Normally when new fosters arrive they stay in our guest room but not this little girl. I was amazed at how fast my cats accepted her arrival in the house which meant she was able to come out and be a part of the household - in less than two hours! 
hamming it up for the camera

watching football with Mike

Boomer and Katie
My heart broke yesterday as Katie left in the carrier because in four short days she really got deep into my heart. She was going to the vet to be spayed and then off to another foster home. My fingers are crossed that she finds a loving home very quickly.  Love you much sweet Katie.

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