Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More snow !!!! Ugh and a Little Raccoon

Yesterday was wonderful and warm and today we have snow on the ground.  It was a muddy walk to the back to get to the feeding stations fir the East Side Gang.

When I arrived to feed late this morning a little raccoon was there looking for food.  I know they are around and have seen evidence but it has been awhile since I've had a face to face.  This little creature was sort of afraid but very determined to eat.  Ollie Spirit, Doodle and Jag were all out to have their food and I kept the little raccoon at bay while they ate.

Eventually Piccolo made an appearance and I wanted to make sure he got some food but I knew if I left, the raccoon would move in.  

In the end I let the raccoon have a little food and then he moved on.  I left extra food out hoping that Piccolo would come out after I left. 

Tonight when I returned to feed dinner, I left Doodle sitting with some of the heated snuggle safe discs. I thought we were finished with those until next winter.  Oh well, in a day or two the temps will warm up and I hope stay.

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  1. This up and down weather is so hard on the ferals and wild-life. They, and we, really need a break from it. Hope it warms up again soon. It's wonderful that you care for these poor souls. Deb