Friday, April 27, 2012

Yay, I'm back

I recently upgraded my computer and can get back to blogging.  The software I had was outdated and I was unable to blog.

In my last post way back in September, I talked about little Annie Sparkles, how naughty she was and that she was going to a forever home.  Well, the woman who came to meet Annie and said she would take her never came back nor did she return my phone calls.  I'm very glad it turned out this way because Annie is now our kitty and Boomie has a buddy to play with. Annie is a delightful little cat.

On Easter Weekend I got a call from my friend Robin saying she had caught two wee feral kittens.  Would I foster them until homes could be found.  One of the kittens was a little orange & white boy and I had another friend who was looking for just this kitten.  Opie and Monkey Jr arrived and thrived with a little TLC and a trip to the vet for deworming and a flea treatment.

Opie, the orange and white boy is about 10 days or 2 weeks older than MJ.  He went to his forever home a week ago and is doing very well.  MJ has also found a new home and will be going next weekend when he will be about 8 weeks old.

Here is a video link of MJ who jumped into the box on his own and Opie trying to rescue him.  Annie joins in.  

Glad to be back - yay!



  1. We so very happy that lil annie sparkles now has forever home with all of you. Boomie and Annie is like two peas in pod so amazing together. Lil Opie and Monkey Junior so thankful you foster them and they so full of beans. Lil Opie go to his forever home and Monkey Junior go soon to his forever home. It does mean so much to us that you name lil Monkey Junior after our ButterBoy Monkey. Watching lil MJ brings back somany good memories of watching butterboy grow up. Hug Hug Hug. Glad the blog is back.

    Your goodest besest frieed
    HollieCat and Wee ones

  2. Hai! Iz came here to see if u had vids of Cici, my burmese hero!
    It looks to me it's troo - as one door is closin anuther one opens. I'm so glad Annie haz come into yur lives.
    Isagold xox

  3. What a cute video. I'm glad both kitties have homes. Mom fell in love with them and we're already at the legal limit for cats per household in our county.