Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowed in Ferals

Today I had to dig my feral kitties out so they could reach the feeding shelters to eat.  My first stop was the Logan Gang feeding station.  I dug out around the shelter and a path to the hole in the fence where Tess Jazz and Que come through.

Logan Gang's feeding shelters
Then I trekked to the East Side Gang's area, which is tucked in a small alcove between two buildings.

Entrance to Spirit's sleep shelter

Sleep shelters behind fence hidden under snow
Snowed in sleep shelters in background
Feeding shelters on right
Sleep shelter entrance in background cleared
with path leading to feeding shelters

Lots more snow has fallen since I was there about noon today so will be doing more shovelling tomorrow morning.


  1. The poor cats. This is not the country for feral cats. Thank goodness you have such a good heart and are helping them.

  2. I so happy you take care of them goodest bestest hug hug hug