Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlie, a colony guest

About ten days ago I discovered that a raccoon was living in the sleeping shelters I made for the East Side Gang.  Prior to this I knew there was a raccoon around but didn't realize he had moved in. 
Earlier this week I arrived to feed the kitties and there he was.  I saw him scamper off and into the sleeping shelter.  I also noticed that one of his back legs is injured, or maybe deformed, but he can't use this leg.  Then in dawned on me that the reason this little guy was using the cat's shelter is because he cannot climb a tree to get up to the places raccoons usually go to sleep in this area. I felt badly for the little fellow.
Yesterday I was feeding and, as I often do, I hung around while the kitties ate.  That way I can see who is eating how much as well as remove the empty bowls, or give the cats more if they are hungry. And I just like to spend a little time with them as well. 
Charlie makes an appearance
I heard a noise and there was Charlie - he has to have a name if he is going to be part of the colony.  He took his time coming up from a hole at the back of the sleeping shelters.  He was very cautious and I would like him to continue to be that way.
Charlie has to walk past Jag to get to food
Ollie watches Charlie
Then she resumes her after dinner grooming
Charlie peeks out from the shelter
Jag is eating, Ollie is grooming and Charlie is eating
Doodle, Spirit, Jag & Ollie seem completely
relaxed while Charlie is in their midst
My hope is that Charlie will eventually move on.  I am concerned that he may be causing damage to the Rubbermaid containers hidden under the straw as well as the fact I am not sure where the cats go to sleep now. 


  1. Strange bed fellows for sure. Poor little guy. But then I hate to see the kitties displaced too. Maybe he will move on if the food isn't to his exact taste. I don't know what Racoons eat exactly, but I know they eat the bird seed I have outside. Maybe they eat just about anything. Good luck!

  2. Goodest bestest I glad Doodle...spirit..ollie..and jag relaxed with Charlie hug hug hug