Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doodle Noodle

Lately Doodle has been picking at his food but mostly because he is very nervous about something. However this week he has been eating much better at the end of the day.

This morning he ate about 3 tablespoons of food so I was again concerned. This evening when I went back about 4:00 p.m. he ate so much I thought he might explode. In fact I even took the food away after he ate about two bowls of food, which equals two cans of Friskies 156g cans.

This picture was taken this afternoon of Doodle eating beside FJ on top of the feeding shelter. Once he was finished eating all he wanted to do was give me headbutts, which I glady accepted.

Today's temperatures were warm compared to what we have had recently. No wind and sun this afternoon made all the difference.

Even though Doodle hasn't been eating as well as he usually does, he does not appear to be losing weight. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that Doodle will continue to eat well, if not at the morning feedings, then the evening feedings.


  1. We've got our paws crossed for Doodle, you nom lots little fella!!

  2. I do hopes Doodle continues to nom and eat. Maybe the warmer weather, will help with that. I hope he is going to get less nervous, and his confidence back. You take very good care of them.

  3. Oh dear! I do hope Doodle eats more. Bless you for trying to take such good care of him.