Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have learned over the past 7 years of maintaining my two colonies, The East Side Gang and the Logan St Gang, that there are a lot of people who really do care about homeless cats but unable to commit to daily care and feeding. And that's okay. I am fortunate that my life allows me to feed daily, or twice daily if the weather is really cold.

I have been fortunate to have quite a bit of support from many people. Some offered me cash, which goes into a "kitty" for other expenses like meds or vet bills, some provide me with food and others have offered to feed if I am away. I appreciate all this support because I couldn't do everything myself all the time.

The second winter I was caring for my kitties an older gentleman approached me while I was feeding. He asked a few questions which I answered and then he gave me $200. You could have pushed me over with the feather.

He wasn't able to feed but he wanted to help. I saw him again about six months later and he gave me another $200. This money went toward the cost of having two of the cats spayed or neutered. Others gave me smaller amounts but every cent has gone towards the cats.
It has been a few years since I have received any cash donations, however I have received many, many food donations for the cats and that is also greatly appreciated by me but more importantly by the kitties.

If you know someone who feeds ferals cats, offer to buy some food or take over the feeding if they are going to be away for a few days.

If you buy a brand of cat food that your own cats don't like, donate it to someone who is caring for feral cats, a cat rescue group or your local human society. There are lots of ways you can help without having to commit a great deal of time.

Often cat rescue groups have fund raising events. Offer to assist them for a day or even part of a day at one of these events. Or make some cat toys they can sell at their fundraising events. Until I began caring my homeless cats I was unaware of ways I could help cat rescue groups and I imagine there are a lot of other people who don't know they can help in small ways that can make a big difference.

To everyone who has helped me to help and care for my homeless kitties, thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate every dollar, every can of food and every offer to help with the feeding when I am away


  1. You are a very wonderful ooman to be caring for these cats, and how very wonderful of others to help you out with food or money so you can carry on this wonderful kindness. I am fortunate to know someone like you, so I do try to help her out with food and expenses now and then. Bless you.

  2. Thank you for this latest blog post on ways to help feral kitties.

    You are an amazing person, for all that you do to care for them. They are two lucky colonies to have you looking out for them.