Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boomer - a cozy big brother

Boomer has always been so accepting of all the foster kittens that have come our way. Today I found Boomer with Pixie and Bear having an early afternoon snooze together. The pictures tell the story.

 Annie is in the background of this last picture snoozing on a the sofa.

Because Boomer and Annie are so accepting of all the foster kittens it makes life so much easier for all concerned.  Teika is not friendly with any fosters and growls if they come within 5 feet of her but she has never made a move to hurt a kitten.

Love all my babies, including all my fosters.  Hug hug hug babies.


  1. Omc goodest bestest u so good with pix and bear you is so cute and lil annie too. I love these pics so much. I knw Tei growl but she never hurt they. These pics brighten our day.

    Your goodest bestest friends
    Hug hug hug

  2. You are so lucky everyone gets along so well. Boomie is amazing how he lets the kittens crawl all over him.

  3. Oh boomie, you old softie. hug hug to da kittens and boomies mum fur her kindness.