Friday, September 28, 2012

Chloe goes to her foster home

This afternoon Chloe went to her foster home.  Within minutes of meeting Heather, Chloe's new foster mom, I just knew this was going to be an absolutely faboo home for this incredibly sweet social cat. 

For the next few days Chloe will be in a bright and cheerful room, she still has to recover from her spay surgery that was last Tuesday.  Then she will slowly be introduced to the other kitties in the house, there are 7 of them, plus a very sweet dog named Lacy.

Chloe was not nervous or afraid when she came out of the carrier.  She looked around for a few minutes exploring her new space, went back into her carrier for about 3 seconds, came out and then walked over to the cat bed Heather had placed in the room for her and she climbed right in.  She was a very content little cat and she was so happy.

I cannot tell you how good it made me feel to see her enjoying a warm bed.  No more cold scary nights in the industrial area with one eye open ready to run if a coyote appeared.  No more wondering if her former person would show up to give her some food.  She is safe, she has a warm bed to sleep in, she has food and she has the love to two wonderful humans, Heather and her husband Ben. 

Chloe you are such a dear little kitty.  I am so happy for you baby girl. Hug hug hug and kiss kiss kiss on the top of your sweet head.  I love you sweety.

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  1. I so happy she has a nice warm bed to sleep and foods to eat what a sweet lil dear kitteh lots of hug hug hug for herz