Thursday, September 27, 2012


This isn't the best picture but then no picture would really show how sweet Chloe is.  She is desperate for love and affection and a warm lap to curl up in. 

I first met Chloe on Monday evening when Robin brought her over but I had heard her story a few weeks before this.  She was going to spend the night, along with two other girl kitties, in our garage until Tuesday morning when all three were going in to be spayed. 

Seems Chloe's person (I cannot call this man a caregiver because a caregiver would never do this) dumped Chloe and her sister in an industrial area because his girlfriend is allergic to cats!  I have no idea if he made any attempts to find proper homes for these two girls but this is the home he chose for them and dropped them off.  They have been living here since the spring and it looked like this is where they were going to spend their first winter outside.

It is my understanding that he does show up to feed Chloe and her sister Cookie but I don't know how often.  He told Robin he is going to take Cookie home because she is his favorite and that if Robin wanted to find a home for Chloe that would be ok with him.

A foster home has been found for Chloe and she will probably be going in the next few days.  We still have to find a forever home for this sweet 5 year old girl but thank goodness she is going to be inside with a warm bed and two people who will lavish her with all the TLC she needs.


  1. Bless you and your family for taking this special girl in and caring for her. How can a human possibly do what that man did to her

  2. The man is not caregiver pawful pawful to do that. Ginger and Baby were abandoned the same way- except left behind at the apartment where we used to live found them by a dumpster. I am so glad she will has a warm place to sleep.

    Hug hug hug