Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Skittles goes to his forever home

Skittles just before we put him in the
carrier to go to his new home
After 7 weeks and 3 days of caring for Skittles, he is now living at his forever home and it seems he doesn't miss us one little bit.  He has a new 7 year old orangie brother named Tigger who accepted him immediately.  Skittles ran up to Tigger, jumped on his head and the games began.  They had a lovely first afternoon together on Sunday.  Since then they have curled up together to snooze and they love eating each others food.

When Mike and I arrived at Skittles' new home, before we even rung the doorbell, Tigger was sitting on the other side of the glass door welcoming us.  Oh my what a handsome fellow he is and I fell instantly in love.

It is always hard to kiss a wee kitten good-bye after caring for them, but what makes it easier is knowing they are happy in their new home.  This new home sounds like a perfect place for Skittles to be. 

Hug hug hug sweet little Skittles.  I will look forward to hearing stories about you and Tigger and all your antics together.


  1. Goodest bestest it does make me so happy that Tigger welcome Skittles with open paws and they play and snooze and cuddles yay. I can't wait to hear about their antics hee hee awwww sweet skittles hug hug hug