Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gracie goes home

Today I went to pick Gracie up from the vet's office out in the country.  It was three weeks ago today that I delivered her to Roger (vet) and my sister Vicki with a badly broken leg.  She was also severely underweight and had a belly full of worms. 

Gracie now weighs 6 lbs (she was 4.4 lbs upon arrival) and will continue to put on a few more pounds now that she is being cared for,  she is worm free and she is doing just great.  As soon as I walked into the back of the clinic she began purring and rubbing the bars on her extra large kennel.  During her stay she was given many opportunities to wander around in the back of the clinic so she could exercise her leg and gain some strength, but she was and is still restricted from jumping up on anything or climbing stairs.

Checking out reception

Fur on her shaved leg is growing back

Before we left, she wandered around the reception area with her little friend, Mama Cat who is a permanent resident of the clinic and one of the sweetest kitties around.  She loves everyone.

Mama Cat

Mama Cat and Gracie saying farwell
Mama Cat checking to make sure the pillow is
fluffed just right so Gracie has a comfy car
ride home

Gracie is a wonderful little traveller.  She just lay on the pillow in her carrier and snoozed.  At one point during our drive I leaned over to say hello and she did a little meow back, otherwise she didn't make a sound.

Strapped in ready to travel
I met up with Jesse, the young man who found Gracie and is providing her with a forever home, at the designated time and place making tentative plans to meet again in another 4 weeks when Gracie has to return to the clinic to have the pin removed from her leg.

I cannot thank Roger and Vicki enough for stepping up to help repair this little abandoned cat's leg. 

Hug hug hug Gracie, see you in a few weeks.


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  1. I so happy Gracie doing well and now will be forever home with Jessie what an amazing human and everyone that help this sweet girl. I can't wait to hear about stories so far about herz when you meet up again at vet. I do hope you can stay in touch and find out about this sweet lil girl. hug hug hug