Friday, November 30, 2012

Skittles is 8 weeks old

Reaching the ripe ol' age of 8 weeks means time for that first set of vaccinations so off we went early this afternoon to visit with Dr. Steve.


It's cold outside today so before we left I heated up a SnugleSafe and stuck in between layers of towel so little Skittles wouldn't feel chilled.  Seems he really liked the warmth because normally when we get to the vet's office he wants to come out for a visit.

When we got home Skittles had a late lunch and then crawled back into the carrier for a cat nap until Annie, Cinder or Boomie are ready to play.

We have Skittles for one more week, then he is off to his new family.


  1. Enjoy sweet Skittles he gonna has good good home. poor lul guy needs a nap I glad he warms skittles bug pls give him a kiss kiss hug hug hug

  2. Awww another cutie. M says she wants on of those! he he maybe I get her one for Christmas. NOT!