Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank goodness for kind hearted people

I was just on my way out the door to feed my ferals and go to my gym when I got an email from a friend this morning and the subject line was "broken leg".   I, of course, thought it was my friend who had the broken leg.  She was writing to let me know that there was a kitty with a broken leg, a stray and attached to the email was a copy of the xray which clearly showed a break.  My friend had been in touch with her vet and I called mine.  Seems very few, if any vets, deal with broken bones which means a specialist would have to be called in and that would be very expensive.

Break is visible in upper right corner of xray
My sister, Vicki,  works for a country vet, so I called her.  She spoke with Roger (vet), who said to bring the cat in and we would work something out.  Turned out that this kitty was not with my friend, but a third party so it took a few hours of trying to contact the young man, Jessie, who had the kitty.  Jessie was at work and it was going to take a while for him to get home to get the kitty.

Jessie and I made arrangements to meet at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and all he knew is that I would have a green jacket on and would be standing outside of the Indigo Book store.  My cell phone is out of commission and I wasn't in much of a hurry to get it fixed since I use it so seldom however, today was a day when I sure could have used it.

It was a one hour drive to get out to the vet's office and the entire trip the little kitty was very quiet.  She snoozed, did a little grooming and snoozed some more.  Jessie said she was on pain meds, so she seemed quite relaxed.  I'm not even sure if this kitty is a boy or a girl, but she is just too pretty so I gave her a girls name, Gracie.

in vet jail waiting for dinner to be served
Once Gracie was settled in the kennel she was given a bowl of food, her last meal until after surgery.  She was very very hungry and ate everything in her dish.  Jessie did mention that Gracie has a huge appetite and I suspect prior to being found, she had been starving.

Tomorrow morning Gracie will have her surgery to insert a pin in her leg and will then spend a few days at the clinic.  I'll know more tomorrow after the surgery, but she will likely be able to come home this weekend.  Then in six weeks she will return to the clinic to have the pin removed.

The happy news to this point is that when Jessie found Gracie he was kind hearted enough to bring her home.  We don't know how her leg got broken, or when it happened.  Gracie is under weight and is thought to be about a year old.  Jessie had her at two different vets but I don't know the details about why.  When I was just about to leave after getting Gracie's carrier buckled into the front seat, I thanked Jessie for caring enough about this little cat to do something rather than turning his back and walking away.  Jessie and his girlfriend plan to keep Gracie, which is wonderful.

Thank you Jessie for caring about this young stray.
Thank you Roger and Vicki for helping this young stray.


  1. Oh goodest bestest thank goodness for this lil Kitteh thank goodness for all help received

    Your goodest bestest floofiestness
    Hug hug hug

  2. Heartwarming, indeed. Good luck, Gracie.

  3. Best Thanksgiving Day ever! Little Gracie is gonna get better and have a forever family... FOREVER! purrs