Sunday, November 18, 2012

He ain't no Trouble.... he's Skittles

Our dear little foster kitten, Trouble, has a home of his own to go to in a few weeks. We will let him go a few days after he gets his first set of vaccinations which will be early in December. 

One of the fellows my husband Mike works with is adopting Trouble and the family has a 7 year old orange kitty so Trouble will also have a buddy to play with.

A too cute boy cat
Mike told them that if they let us know what they would like to call the kitten to let us know and we would start calling him by his new name.  We got word a few days ago that Trouble is going to be named Skittles, which I think suits this wee boy perfectly.

Annie pinned Skittles down so she could
groom him
For about the past week or so we have let Skittles have the run of the first floor of our house during the day.  When Mike gets up in the morning he gets Skittles out of the cage and then feeds him.  From that point on Skittles is out until about midnight when I go to bed.  The other morning when I woke up I found Skittles curled up sleeping on the rug in the bathroom with Cinder on the edge of the tub keeping an eye on her charge.  He had no problem going up the 14 stairs to the second floor and has since discovered the third floor plus the basement.

Skittles pushing the cat dolls off
their bench

Last night was the first night we didn't put Skittles in the cage but I did close the doors to a few rooms.  Early this morning Mike woke up and brought Skittles into bed.  This wee boy is quite the cuddler.


  1. Congratulations to Skittles! He's got the humans well trained already!!!

  2. Awww he is the cutest kitten. It must be so hard to let them go to a forever home, but at least you know you got him off to a good start and were the ones to have found him a good home. I would imagine you are also allowed to see him now and then too.

  3. Hi hi lil skittles bug SK glad he has forever home and a Buddy hug hug hug