Saturday, November 10, 2012

More disruption and construction .....

Giant bin for old roofing materials

Hope this fence isn't supposed to keep ME out.
 ha ha ha
There is a lot going on at the building where my feral kitties live.  During the summer and until just recently there were renovations going on inside but the workers had access to the inside of the building via a side entrance.   Some days I had to navigate my way around trucks and other pieces of equipment to get to the back area where I feed.

Now the roof is being done.  Thursday I arrived to find a large section of the parking lot blocked off and a huge truck with a crane lifting roofing materials up.  Thankfully this doesn't disturb the kitties too much but for me it means having to squeeze between pallets of tar and the machine that melts the tar.  There is not much space and while I am not wearing good clothes when I feed, I don't want to get any tar on me.
Tight squeeze between pallets of tar and tar
melting machine.  Smelly too ! !
I'm not sure if the workers only work Monday to Friday, or because the forecast was for rain, but no work was being done today.  Temporary fences are up to keep people out but there is just enough space for me to get through.

Film crew unloading truck which is next to
the feeding station for the ferals

To add to the mix, the building way at the back right beside the feeding and sleeping shelters, is being used for a movie!  Shooting is taking place inside the building however many of the guys come outside for a smoke break.  I've chatted with them a few times and they are there for three weeks.  Unfortunately, all it takes is for some of the kitties to hear strange voices and they are spooked so getting them to stay and eat is challenging.

Jag (left) and Doodle eating
Doodle must have heard a strange voice
Doodle watching the roofers
One of the roofing crew told me they should be here for two weeks, weather permitting.  That is much faster than I expected so I hope they do get the weather they need, get the job done and then get outta here.



  1. I would expect all that noise with strange men around would be very upsetting for the kitties. Poor babies. At least they still have you coming, which is a big plus factor in their lives.

  2. I do hopes they finish soon, so they can get their fuds! So glad you can still get thru and you has chatted with them so they do know kitties there! i hope they all gets fuds!

    love goodest bestest floofiestness
    hug hug hug