Friday, November 23, 2012

Gracie - post op 48 hours

Little Gracie continues to do well and she has a voracious appetite. She can't even wait until the contents of the cup are poured into her bowl. She wants her food right now.
Please don't make me wait until you put that kibble in my bowl.
Mmmmmm....this is good stuff.

This is MY food.

Here's what Vicki had to say in her email today about this very sweet cat :

"Gracie had a good day, Roger is happy with the incision. Swelling that she has is normal.  I took some pics of her at dinnertime tonight showing how she stuffs her face in the container before you can get the kibble in her bowl. It's sad but it does crack me up. After a week of getting good meals, she isn't really starving, just mentally thinking it could be her last meal. Typical of  starving kitty syndrome and she growls as she eats. Oh, and Momma (resident clinic cat) strolled by during breakfast - oooohhhhh - Gracie NOT happy!! She wasn't nasty but she gave Momma the stink eye. I bought Gracie some regular Whiskas kibble today at the store- she doesn't need to be eating any special prescrip diets but she does still get some A/D. She will be a wonderful cat for Jesse and his family - she craves loving and attention."
This is this kind of story that makes me happy that I am part of a network of caring people who can make the difference in the life of a cat or kitten.  There are still lots of sad stories but this is a happy one and I am pleased I was able to be a part of the happy ending. 

Again, I say thank you Vicki and Roger from the bottom of my fuzzy little cat-loving heart.  You two made things right for Gracie. 

And Jesse and his family will give her the continuing love and attention she needs for a full life when she is able to go home.

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  1. Awwwww so glad she eatings lots n lots and she continues to heal n do well. Wonderful network of ppl that help her and now has forever home wif jeszue n his family hug hug hug and more hugs

    Goodest bestest floofiestness