Sunday, November 4, 2012

They don't come any cuter than this

Trouble is getting bigger and stronger and sweeter and cuter with each passing day.   I weighed him this afternoon and he is now 651g, more than doubling his weighted since he arrived on October18th.

Are you my furmom?

Cinder is a little piggy and will eat whenever she gets a chance, even if it means stealing food from a baby.  Naughty sweet girl.


  1. I am completely totally in love with this baby!

  2. Trouble is just the sweetest little guy. Wonderful how well you have cared for him. Deb

  3. Trouble bug getting soooo big n Cinder so goods except steal his food awwww what a cute Lil trouble bug.

    Love your goodest bestest floofiestness
    Hug hug hug

  4. OMC Trouble is adorable. You are right - they don't come any cuter than Trouble.

  5. Is Cinder your cat now or is she still a foster?

    1. Heather - Cinder is now our kitty. She came to us as a foster in July but has since moved to permanent resident status.

  6. Mom's in love in Trouble. But we already got one troublemaker around here and we don't need another, no matter how adorable he is.