Monday, July 8, 2013

Freddie and Nutmeg

Last week Robin called me about some kittens living behind a pub and asked if I could go check them out. I found them.  There were three little cuties.

Yesterday Robin and Carrie arrived with the little orange kitten from the pub.  What a little cutie he is.  Just before midnight last night Carrie brought another kitten.  There is one more little kitten to catch and fingers crossed Carrie is successful tonight.


Freddie and Nutmeg

Both babies are still a little nervous but I feel they will come around in no time.  I have them until Wednesday afternoon when they will move to another foster home.


  1. Hi hi freddie n nutmeg awww I glad they with you til wed and for a bit hug hug hug they so lil

    Goodest bestest floofiestness

  2. Absolutely adorable! Paws crossed for a successful catchin' of the third little one.