Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My heart is aching today for a cat I don't even know.  I spent about 30 seconds with him this morning when I was at Toronto Humane Society to drop off two kittens that are being put up for adoption.  I made the mistake of reading the chart on the front of his cage and instantly got teary eyed, until I made it to my car and then I came unglued.  

His name is Jordan, a 12 year old all black cat.  Then I saw the "reason" he has been surrendered and the chart said, unwanted.  I instantly wanted Jordan.  I had a difficult time holding in the tears.  I couldn't wait to get home to hug all five of my kitties and tell them they would always be wanted by me.  I realize there may be extenuating circumstances for Jordan's surrender but seeing him in this cage broke my heart.  He has two things going against him, he's a black cat and he's 12 years old, which could make finding a new home difficult.

A few years ago I was thinking that as my kitty family aged and passed on I would  consider adopting older unwanted kitties but that's probably not going to happen for a while.  Teika is 13 and Boomer is 6 but we also have a 2 year old (Annie Sparkles) 1 year old (Cinder) and a naughty 7 month old named Howie.  However maybe someday.........

So this post can end on a happier note than it began, below is a picture of Howie's latest naughty....

Destroyed toilet paper is cheaper than all the iPad cords that have been replaced recently due to Howie's naughtiness.  That cute lil bad boy!


  1. Oh such a sad story for that black kitty. Stories like that break my heart too. I do hope someone decides the can love him and adopts him. ha ha - M loves the toilet paper. I don't get into trouble, but she used to have another kitty that loved toilet paper and so did her doggie.

  2. Oh goodest bestest I hope that dear little kitteh get a home. No kitteh should be surrender unwanted poor kitteh is senior and had a home I send him love and hugs and tell him someone out there for love him

    Love Goodest bestest floofiestness
    Hug hug hug