Monday, July 28, 2014

Boomer, my sweet orangie boy kitteh

Boomer has been through a lot in the past two weeks.  After 9 days in hospital he came home on Friday evening.  YAY.  Mike and I are really glad he is home.

home at last
Last Wednesday he had a cystotomy to remove a rock pile of stones and crystals from his bladder. The stones are being sent off for analysis so we know what kind of a special diet he should be on for the rest of his life.  In the meantime Boomie, Annie Sparkles, Cinder and Howie are eating Urinary SO and it is possible they will stay on this diet.  I'm just glad they like this food, both the canned and the dry.
shaved tummy
Boomie may be home but he is still confined to a large dog crate while his surgical site heals and to keep his movement somewhat limited.  As well he has to wear a lovely blue e-collar but I'm glad it is not the hard plastic kind.  

The first evening I guess I didn't put the collar on properly and Boomie managed to get his front legs through it so it ended up around his middle.  The easiest way to get it off was to rip it off.  Then I had to get my sewing machine out to sew it back together.
Since arriving home and for a few more days Boomie is on a strict medication schedule of four different drugs.  Getting the meds into Boomie is not too difficult but I wonder if, as he gains his strength, he will fight me more and more.  

Today is day 5 post op and I can see that Boomie is more like his sweet orangie self.  

I have known for a long time that a urinary blockage in a male cat is a serious issue and must be dealt with immediately.  What I didn't understand was what fixing the problem involved.  I had no idea that it could take as long to fix not to mention the expense.  I have learned my lesson and hope with all my heart that because Howie is still very young and has started the special diet we never have to deal with this again.

Annie Sparkles (on top of crate), Cinder (left) and Howie
welcoming Boomie home

Howie on top of crate staring down at  Boomie

my little blue collar kitteh

Howie visiting Boomie

I'm hoping that once Boomie's stitches are removed he will no longer be confined to the dog crate. The first I am going to do when we get the okay is to take Boomie out into the backyard. He loves being outside (always under supervision) and I enjoy having him out there while I putter.


  1. Awww Bless Boomie's sweet little heart! He has been thru a lot. Our very first cat had problems with crystals, etc. Once he got on the special canned food (this was 40 years ago), he never had another problem and he lived to be 19 years old. There is good hope for Boomie too.

    1. Thanx. That's good to know. We are hoping for the same kind of results and are going to do everything we can to help Boom.

  2. Hi we're newcomers here. How sweet of the other kitties to be with Boomer.

    1. Welcome. Mostly I post about my feral colonies but they have taken a back seat for the past 2 weeks while I've dealt with two sick kitties at home.

  3. Awww. I just love your kitteh's especially Boomie. I have a thing for orange boys even though we have 2 girls. One gray/white and the other a calico. Meow_Girls. I have been wondering how Boomer is doing now. I was so concerned for him. Also my condolences on your loss of Teiks. Hugs

  4. sending purrs of healing to Boomie. I have had two cats who had struvite crystals, so I know what you are going through.