Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teika my beautiful floofy girl

February, 2014

August 30, 2000 I got a call.  Magda's 12 year old son had found a wee kitten she thought to be about 10 days old.  I fell in love instantly from the description and had to hold back from jumping in the car to get that wee baby.

Teika, September 12, 2000

That weekend my husband was leaving on a month long motorcycle trip across Canada and down the California coast with three buddies.  I mentioned only in passing that I had received a phone call earlier that day.  I didn't make any suggestions about adopting this wee baby.  We had two kitties, CiCi and The Goof and Mike was happy to only have two, as was I, sort of.

Baby Teika

The motorcycle had hardly left the driveway when I called Magda to say I would take the kitten.  Arrangements were made and a few days later Magda walked into my store with this wee tiny treasure wrapped in a blanket.  It didn't take me long to realize I was scared to death.  What if I didn't feed her enough, or often enough or she choked or, or............  So many scary questions.  Never in my life had I been responsible for such a tiny little cat.

Teika survived and so did I.  Those round the clock feedings were difficult because of my lack of sleep.  I was working 7 days a week in my retail store.  Teika and I survived and we survived beautifully, her more than me I imagine.  I was pretty much a walking zombie.

When Mike phoned me from the western most part of Canada on Vancouver Island I told him the great news.......we had a new baby.  His reaction wasn't great but I didn't care. It was too late, Teika was staying.  The following morning Mike called telling me he couldn't wait to get home to meet Teika but he was still over 3 weeks from returning home.

On the day I expected Mike home I waited for the wonderful deep throaty rumble of his bike in the driveway.  I missed him and I guess he missed me but after a very quick hello he wanted to meet Teika.  I love this man for many reasons but one of the top reasons is the love we both have for cats.  Mike is quite soft in the head when it comes to kitties.  
Mike and Teika (6 weeks old) snoozing

For nearly 14 years Teika has been such a wonderful part of the family.  She is probably the most perfect kitty in that she has never clawed furniture, no litter box accidents, she doesn't try to escape when she is outside with us, she feeds herself when she is hungry and she's beautiful.

When she was 7 months old my neighbour who shows her cats talked me into showing Teika.  I agreed to try it.  The cat show was in Ancaster, outside of Hamilton and we were going in one car.  Teika was not a good show kitty.  She was frightened and I was in tears but I was stuck with no way to get home.  Teika did win two ribbons that day, a 10th place and a 5th place. One of the judges told me she would have placed higher if she had not been so scared.  We never participated in another show.

Ten days ago I realized something was wrong so Teika and I went to the vet.  She ended up staying overnight.  When she came home she was still not doing great but we didn't really know what was wrong and it would take a week for the test results to come back.  Those result came back yesterday.  The fluid removed from her chest cavity had cancerous cells.  She had quit eating for the most part.   We would only see her eating 4, 5 or maybe 6 pieces of kibble.  She was losing weight rapidly and she was hiding under the bed some of the time, which had always been her safe place.

We made the decision last night that we had to let her go.  There was no hope of her getting better and if we put her on meds it would only prolong her suffering.  And I cannot keep a kitty alive just because I can't let go.  Mike is in total agreement.

Tonight about 7:30 pm my beautiful Teika crossed the rainbow bridge to join CiCi and The Goof.  Mike and I were with her until her last breath.  I miss her, Mike misses her but apparently Howie does not.  I have pictures of all 5 of our kitties as kittens on top of the china cabinet.  Howie jumped up and knocked one picture face down.  It was Teika's.

I love you my wee tiny treasure.  You are pain free and you will be greatly missed.

Howie peering at Teika
February 2014


  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. You gave Teika a wonderful home. I think the decision you made is the hardest one a pet owner ever has to make but I'm sure it was the right one. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos of a lovely little cat. I still remember the time you brought her over to our house. I'm thinking of you all. Take good care of yourself.

  2. All my love and purrrs and you did the greatest gift of love letting her go. Tei will always be in your heart and I paw promice I will take care of herz always. We love her more today than yesterday as we say between us goodest bestest friends.

    Love Goodest Bestest Floofiestness

    Hug hug hug for sweet floofy Tei. Mom. Boomie.Annie.Cinder Bean & Dad

  3. So very sorry, Connie & Mike. We know you loved and will always love Teika. She was beautiful, even majestic, with her beautiful floofs. You did the right thing in letting her go and for the right reasons. To prolong her life would be selfish, Sending love to all of you, including all the other beautiful kitties...Love you all. Kathy & Meow_Girls.