Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ready for winter

Every time I think I am finished getting things organized and ready for the kitties to be warm and cosy over the winter I think of something else I can do but now I think I am truly finished.  It is only Spirit and Ollie at this location yet there are numerous sleeping shelters.  Spirit tends to use all of them except for the one Ollie uses and Ollie only uses the one she has been using for years.

The two big black boxes are old feeding shelters that are now well insolated and I have been putting heated Snugglesafe discs in them at night. I really want Ollie to start using one of these shelters because it will be warmer for her but she still goes to her usual shelter.  I put a little catnip on the disc to get Ollie interested and I have seen go in but she doesn't stay.  I will keep trying to entice her and maybe........

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