Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What you doing in there??

This morning while feeding Ollie and Spirit I noticed a shadow in the sun shelter.  I built these shelters with an acrylic top hoping the cats might use them in the cooler months to stay warm with the sun beating down (as much as winter sun can beat down ;)   ).  Last winter both Ollie and Spirit did use these shelters.  

What's in the sun shelter?
Upon closer inspection I discovered a little raccoon sound asleep in the shelter.  Awww, it's a youngster. 



Sun shelter (left) sleeping shelter and Ollie
This little raccoon has no idea how good he has it!

I've just returned from feeding Ollie and Spirit their dinner.  I checked the shelter and the little raccoon was still there but then the thought occurred to me that this little fellow may not be sleeping. He was in exactly the same position as this morning.  After tapping then jiggling the box I have come to realize this little creature has died.  

Tomorrow I will come equipped with the electric screwdriver to remove the acrylic roof and remove this wee creatures body then I will find a place to bury him.  I read recently that there is a lit of distemper among the raccoon population and in particular this area of the city.

RIP dear little raccoon.


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