Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boomer Annie Sparkles & Teika with fosters

I love the fact that Boomer and Annie Sparkles are so good with all the kittens.  They accept these wee babies without reservation and it makes life so much easier for us when fostering kitttens. 

Today Teika even allowed the kittens to get up close and personal, although she did growl a bit.  She's a growly grumpy kitty at the best of times but she has never tried to hurt a kitten.  I was surprised to see her so close to Pixie and Bear (formerly Button) because she usually runs away from any kittens.  She is probably afraid of kitten cooties!

This afternoon Annie was snoozing on a living room chair with the kittens.


  1. Annie snoozing with the kittens is sooooo cute. I remember when Annie was that little. Squeeee!

  2. oh you all so cute I remember when Annie so small like that. Oh goodest bestest you and Tei so good with thems too!

    Hug hug hug