Monday, May 14, 2012

Introducing Button and Pixie, two wee feral kittens

Yesterday afternoon two dear little feral kittens arrived, one a black and the other a calico.  Both of these wee babies were so frightened they were visibly shaking.  After a few hours of quiet time, Mike and I each held one of the kittens and that seems to have been a turning point.  They became less scared very quickly.  It was upsetting to see them so scared but thankfully they just needed a little TLC.  Now they are both happy and purring.

This picture is shortly after their arrival.

Today they have been playing and eating and pooping and peeing so it looks like they are settling in well.

Button is the little black boy. He is very adventurous and quite outgoing.  Pixie was a little less adventurous initially but she is now just as curious as her brother.  Pixie also has some kind of eye infection but I don't think it is too serious.  Sometimes when she has been sleeping she is unable to open her eyes but a little warm water on a cotton ball and she is fine in no time.  They are off to the vet tomorrow and we will find out if Pixie needs eye drops or I just continue wiping her eyes with clean warm water.

And tomorrow Pixie and Button will be given a little more freedom to play.  The kitchen will be their new play area and they will only stay in the kitten cage when I can't watch them and overnight.

Little Annie Sparkles was so good with the last two fosters so I know she will be with these two cuties.  She is anxious to meet them and I think they will enjoy her company as well.

Since their guestimated age is 4 weeks, it looks like they will be with us for about 4 weeks at least.  For the next couple of weeks they will just play, eat and sleep.  Then the search will begin in earnest for loving homes.  Or maybe they will get to go to a new home together.  That would be wonderful.


  1. OMC I so happy Pixie and Button are with you and i know you did all make them less scared. It would be so very wunnerful if they got new home together. I know they will find wunnerful forever home forsure. Glad they will has more freedom tomm

    Hug hug hug
    Your Goodest bestest friend
    HollieCat, mama and wee ones

  2. I gotta quit letting mom read your blog. She just fell in love with the calico. I have to keep reminding her we're already at the legal limit for our county!

    Hi to Boomie and Anniesparkles! *hugs*