Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Kittens Have Arrived

Tuesday evening we were sort of expecting another wee kitten, a littermate of Pixie and Button.  It was going to depend on the kitten showing up when Robin went back to the colony in the west end of the city.  When the phone rang Robin said she had this dear little black kitten but he was older than Pixie and Button, so not the same litter.  Then she called a little later to say she had two more kittens and these two were about 10weeks.  Yikes.  Five kittens in one kitten cage?? Not.

A quick call to another friend to borrow her huge dog kennel.  This would work for the two older kittens because they were big enough that they would not get their heads caught in the kennel bars.

Juice and Rosie

Juice (orange/white) and Rosie had been living in the house where the colony lives outside in a grungie (is that how you spell grungie?) shed.  The man just handed the two kittens to Robin and then gave her their mother.  We took in these two kittens and the mom went to the Toronto Humane Society to be spayed

Both kittens are quite social, thankfully so they can be hugged and the tops of their little heads are perfect for planting kisses.  Dear little Juice arrived with disgusting eyes but a little warm water on a cotton ball have helped.  Rosie is a wee bit shy but I'm sure she will be just fine.

The other kitten, a long haired black boy has a face that causes hearts to melt immediately.  OMG but he is sooooooo cute.  JJ (Jet Jr) is so full of beans and trying to get a picture of his face is pretty much impossible.

Jet Jr., the heartbreaker

These three sweethearts are leaving us tonight to go to another foster home.  I would love to continue fostering JJ but I know I will get way too attached so it is better he go quickly.

Dinner for our foster babies

Meanwhile, Pixie and Button will stay with us until they go to their forever homes when they are old enough.  This weekend Robin is going to see if she can get the third kitten. 

Robin has been doing TNR at this colony but the last few are females and they make themselves scarce when she arrives.  Gotta get those girls and end the proliferation of kittens coming from this location.

For more info about the west end colony and Robin's work to do TNR at this location see her blog


  1. OMC looks at they meals on a tray! Oh hee awwwww I so happy that they did stay with you for a day or two. Juice, Rosie and JJ are adorable. JJ be a heartbreaker wot a sweetie as they all are. Thank you for link to Robins blog she and you do such amazing work! Paws/fingers crossed Robin can get 3rd Kitten. Glad Pixie and Button staying until they find they new forever home, looking forward to seeing their adventures.

    love your goodest bestest friends
    HollieCat, Mama and wee ones
    Hug hug hug

  2. All the kittens are so very adorable. M wishes she could take all of them. Wish more people would do the TNR - it would eventually eliminate unwanted kittens. But that will never happen, so you will always have a TNR job. he he