Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dear Doodle

Doodle is the sweetest little feral kitty.  He isn't really feral because he's such a love bug loving every scratch behind the ears and kiss on the top of his little grey head.  He is probably my fave outside kitty, but mostly because he is so friendly with me.  The sad thing is Doodle doesn't do well in the winter when it is as bitterly cold as it has been over the past 10/12 days.  He doesn't get the extra thick fur that the other kitties get and he is thin.


Winter sleeping shelters were completed months ago but somehow Doodle has turned one of the feeding shelters into his sleeping and eating shelter.  The shelter has evolved.  Sunday I took an unused feeding shelter home and after a quick trip to a home improvement store for supplies I spent Monday completely insulating the shelter for Doodle.  The pink styrofoam insulation has made it much warmer. 

Then the shelter was wrapped in two layers of tarp to keep the wind from blowing in through any cracks.  Inside along with the insulation material there is fresh straw bedding plus the snuggle safe discs.  It isn't perfect but I hope this will help Doodle get through the coldest days and nights that still lay ahead.
Feeding shelter now Doodle's
sleeping shelter

When I feed in the mornings I have been taking 3 heated snuggle safes to put inside Doodle's shelter.  When it is particularly cold I will go back in the middle of the day to bring him 3 more heated snuggle safes.  Tuesday was one of those days.  Then about 4:30/5:00 I returned with dinner for everyone and 4 heated snuggle safes for Doodle's shelter for overnight.

Doodle snuggled up beside me

My snuggle buddy

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