Friday, January 23, 2015

New Normal???

Well it is certainly feels different when I feed my remaining ferals.

Jazz is the only one left of the Logan Gang and he is quite feral.  He has become more feral over the past four or five years to the point he keeps his distance.  I have discovered he only comes out to eat at the end of the afternoon.  I still leave food in the morning, just in case he comes early but it is still there when I return before dusk.  If Jazz is in the shelter eating when I drive up I just keep going.  I learned a while ago that if I stop and just sit in the car Jazz will run and he doesn't return.  I have adjusted my feeding schedule to arrive by 4 pm, leave fresh canned food and fresh water.  Jazz will show up within the hour most of the time.  


The East Side Gang has dwindled down to two kitties, Spirit and Ollie.  I am happy they always come out to eat while I'm there.  I can't pet either of them and after 12 years I double I ever will.  I am thankful both appear in good health, have thick furry coats and they use their winter sleeping shelters.  They eat well at both the a.m. and p.m. feeding.

I miss being able to interact with any of the kitties now.  I loved that Doodle would rub against my legs, Valentine (Rainbow Bridge July 2012) would stand between my feet purring, FJ (Rainbow Bridge January 2013) and her brother Jet (Rainbow Bridge June 2011) loved to be groomed.  I loved that these dear kitties learned to trust me and I loved loving them.


Spirit, Jag, FJ, Ollie and Doodle

Spirit, FJ, Jag and Ollie

My mission was always to care for all these kitties until the end of their lives but that always seemed so far in the future.  Guess the future arrived, I just wasn't ready.

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  1. You were the one constant blessing in their lives. Because of you, they had a relatively good life for ferals. It's nice you have so many pictures to remember then by. You are a very special person to have cared for them for so long.