Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where are you Ollie?

It has only been 48 hours but I'm really concerned about little Ollie.  She is a very small cat.  When I had her spayed she didn't quite weigh 5 lbs and I doubt she is much more than that now.  Her fluffiness makes her look bigger.

Since January when both Jag and Doodle crossed the rainbow bridge Spirit has been picking on Ollie more than ever.  Ollie runs back into her sleeping shelter at the mere sight of Spirit and often Spirit chases Ollie.  I've tried reorganizing the feeding shelters so Ollie doesn't see Spirit but it hasn't really worked well, unfortunately.  Ollie is constantly on guard and I do my best to keep Spirit out of Ollie's sight lines.

I'm wondering if Spirit has chased Ollie away and now this dear wee kitty is afraid to return.  Today I walked around calling Ollie and using my clicker but no luck.  This disappearance is very unusual behaviour.

Please come back little Ollie.  I miss you so much baby girl.

UPDATE  Ollie showed up this morning.  YAY!  She was very hungry.  Now I wonder if she was trapped somewhere in one of the buildings nearby.  I'm very happy she's back.


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