Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A different dynamic

In my last post I mentioned Ollie had been missing for about 48 hours.  She did return and she was so hungry.  She disappeared again a week or so later but only for about 24 hours.  I came to the conclusion she was hiding in one of the sleeping shelters, not from me but from Spirit.

The dynamic has changed since the loss of Doodle and Jag last January.  Spirit has become much more of a bully and Ollie is really frightened of him.  Ollie just has to see Spirit and she runs into the sleeping shelter and often Spirit chases her.  Poor little Ollie.  She is not a very big kitty and I think of her as being very dainty.

Over the past month things seem to be a little better for Ollie.  Spirit seems to be less mean spirited.  He eats his food then wanders off leaving Ollie to eat in peace.  

I'm so glad that the weather is warming up for the kitties sakes.

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